Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yoplait "Strawberry" Light Thick & Creamy

Ahhh... the simple pleasure of Yoplait's "Strawberry" Light Thick and Creamy yogurt. Best yogurt evah, yo! lol

No really. Like sneak downstairs after everyone's asleep, hovering on your tippy toes while peeping around the corner of your dark kitchen, oh thank goodness it's only the cat kinda good. Yeah, that good.

Only 100 calories and it's fat free! They should really start selling this stuff by the tub, bucket, or even better... pallet! lol

Just sayin' ladies, you heard it here first.

Guess where I'm headed?


  1. I wish we that in Australia!
    Love your blog. Will be back to read some of your older posts.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. @Natasha - Thanks bunches for the blog love hon. Please come back soon.