Sunday, October 4, 2009

Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Groceries - Part 3

13.) Stock up on good deals. If there is a really good deal on something, be sure to buy enough to last until the next sale. This will allow you to pay the lowest price possible for that item.

14.) Take advantage of rain checks. If the sale item you want is sold out when you arrive at the store, ask for a rain check and come back when the item is in stock. You will still be able to take advantage of the sale price.

15.) Take a quick inventory. Before heading to the store, take some time to check your fridge, freezer and pantry to see what you currently have in stock so that you don’t spend on unnecessary duplicates.

16.) Use coupons wisely. Use only for those items and brands that you would normally purchase. You can maximize your savings by combining them with sale items and shopping at stores that double or even triple their value, and that also accept competitor's coupons.

17.) Use the “Cash Only” policy. Take only what you've budgeted for groceries. This really helps to cut down on those budget busting impulse buys because you won't have any credit cards to fall back on.

18.) Waste not, want not. Keep wasted food to a minimum by serving smaller portions and using leftovers efficiently. Use leftovers for lunches, in other dishes, or freeze in single-size portions for quick and easy meals on nights when you're too busy or tired to cook.

Bonus Tip:

No matter how small the amount, stash away whatever cash you have left from your purchase in a small container or envelope until you have enough to open a rainy day account. Smart and simple.

What are some of your tips for saving money on your groceries?


  1. One big thing I think people overlook is when you have $5 left over to use it on a bulk stock item like rice, flour, oatmeal, dry beans, tomato sauce. Look at how much food you can get for such a small amount as $5. If you spend it on something that is more convienience related like breaded chicken it will buy you one bag. You can eventually stock a pantry and freezer with sale bought items.

  2. @Southerner, great tip! I tell ya, I can never have enough tomato sauce.