Thursday, October 1, 2009

Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Groceries - Part 2

7.) Don't be afraid to try store brands. Many store brand products are made by the same companies that make the more expensive name brands. The only difference being the price and fancy packaging.

8.) Find a store in your area that will honor all competitors' ads by matching their prices. That way you get the best deals without having to drive all over town. Saving money, time and gas.

9.) Never shop hungry! You’ll be tempted to buy everything in sight. An empty tummy is practically a guarantee that you will overspend and splurge on items that you don't really need.

10 Plan your meals for the week. Having a game plan for meals will help you eliminate last minute trips to the grocery store or drive-through. Major budget busters!

11.) Shop alone whenever you can. I know, I know, save your tomatoes. lol But honestly, ever notice how items seem to mysteriously appear in your cart when you have a few little helpers along for the ride?

12.) Shop less. The longer you can hold out before hitting the store, the less you'll spend. Believe me, those little “I’ll just grab a few things” trips here and there during the week add up big time!

Be on the lookout for tips 13-18 in Part 3 of this series.

Do you have any special tips or techniques for keeping your grocery budget under control?


  1. RoosterChick,
    I've decided not to go to the store this week which must have freaked youngest daughter out. She had a nightmare last night and dreamed she couldn't find any food in the house and I was making her eat moldy cheese!
    Poor thing!

  2. @Vickie: Eeek... moldy cheese! Too funny.