Monday, October 26, 2009

Save Time In The Kitchen & Get Dinner On The Table In A Hurry! - Part 7 of 7

7.) Sort-It and Season-It

Whenever you bring meats home from the grocery store, try to get in the habit of prepping them before you put them into the freezer.

Take time to rinse, season, and divide into meal size portions before freezing. It just takes a few extra minutes in the beginning, but it’s sooo worth the convenience in the long run.

I love reaching into my freezer knowing that I can always fall back on a bag of chicken breast that have already been sliced and seasoned.

Just pop them in the microwave for a quick thaw, and they're ready for the pan, grill or oven.

What are some of your tips for sorting and re-packaging your meats?


  1. Great idea...I am terrible about things like this...quick and easy is more my style...I am working on it!!!

    Love the name of your blog...perfect!!!


  2. I dream of being this prepared. I'm always so thrilled to get just get the shopping done. :)