Monday, September 28, 2009

Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Groceries - Part 1

Wondering how to feed your family without busting your budget?

I’ve put together 18 tips to help you save more at the store and keep your hard earned dollars where they belong…in your purse!

1.) Always shop with a grocery list. Your list will keep you on track and you’re less likely to forget needed items or buy unnecessary duplicates.

2.) Are there any Discount Grocers in your area like Aldi’s or Save-A-Lot? Now granted you won’t find anything lavish or luxurious about these sort of Discount Grocers, but you will find great bargains.

3.) Check the weekly grocery ads for good sales. Whether you decide to plan your menu and shopping list around sale items or do a little stocking up, it’s good to know what’s available. And don’t forget those coupons!

4.) Cook “It” yourself. Whatever “it” may be. Chances are if the directions call for heat and serve, you’re probably paying a pretty hefty price for it. Besides costing less, homemade meals taste better and are much healthier for your family.

5.) Create a grocery budget and stick to it. If you shop weekly, just take the total amount that you’ve budgeted for groceries and divide that by the number of weeks in that month. Bring a calculator to help keep track of your expenses.

6.) Does your grocer have a Savings Card Program? If so, be sure to sign-up in order to get bonus coupons, discounts, and special deals when you present your discount card at checkout.

Be on the lookout for tips 7-12 in Part 2 of this series.

How do you save money in the grocery department?


  1. Good tips! My grocer does have a Savings Card and it makes buying certain things cheaper plus I get special catalinas for things at check and often they mail be coupons.


  2. @The Pleasures of Homemaking, membership does have it's privileges, right?