Friday, October 23, 2009

Cutting The Morning Madness and Getting Your Kids Out The Door On Time - Part 2

5.) Pre-pack Lunches - Preparing and packing lunches the night before can save you a ton of time and stress the following morning. Everyone can easily grab what they need from the fridge that morning and head straight for the door.

6.) Pre-select Clothes - Get kids in the habit of picking out their school clothes each night before bed. Make sure they include EVERYTHING. Honestly, can you even count how many times you've been late because someone was searching for a shoe? Plus you get the “What to Wear Wars” out of the way and plenty of time to deal with rips, wrinkles, or anything else that could cause a morning meltdown (theirs or yours).

7.) Set The Breakfast Table - Take a few minutes after dinner to make a quick mental note of what to prepare for breakfast and set the table accordingly. Whether you’re a “just add hot water” kind of family or egg scramblers, keep it simple during the week. Save the freshly squeezed O.J. and homemade cinnamon rolls for the weekend. lol

8.) Stagger Wake-Up Times - Staggering wake-up times can be especially helpful if you are limited to one bathroom, have more than one child, have a large family, or all of the above. This technique really helps to cut down on traffic jams and bottle necks.

By making just a few small changes in your normal daily routine, you’ll save yourself a ton of stress and get your family out the door prepared and on time.

How do you keep the morning mayhem to a minimum in your home?


  1. all such good ideas-where were you 15 years ago!